Thursday, April 2, 2009

GOP April Fool's Budget

So after their disastrous rollout last week, where GOP luminaries brazenly put out a budget devoid of any numbers, they've decided to try again. Deciding that competing with the media spectacle of a popular and confident president meeting with the world's robber-barons...umm...I mean 20 strongest confront the global fiscal crisis (complete with photo-ops with world leaders and royal figures) wasn't enough of a challenge, the GOP decided to try their second hand at presenting an alternative budget plan on... April Fool's. Seriously, who can script this comedy?

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So what's in the budget? Oh, only a plan to privatize medicare, give tax-breaks to the rich, kill the popular (though probably under-funded) stimulus package and 1001 other things that have been tried and failed in the past. And did I mention that after all that belly-aching about deficits, this one will cost about $ 1 trillion?

To paraphrase Blade, some of these cats must enjoy trying to skate uphill.

Some reviews of the GOP's April Fool's Budget proposal...this time with numbers.

Just in time for April Fools' Day, and in time for congressional debate on the Obama administration's non-pamphletized budget proposal, comes the "details" GOP members failed to supply last week. Virtually every element contained within is a bad rehash of all the failed Republican ideas from the last couple of decades. In short, it's like the return of a bad headache: smaller government, lower taxes, drill everything, and trust us.

--Williams Rivers Pitt "Fool's on the Hill." Truthout.
" was most appropriate that this thing came out on April Fools' Day because this thing is the biggest April Fools' Joke and cruelest that we have had in years. If you look at what they are doing ... they are calling for putting in a multi-trillion dollar additional tax cut for the highest income Americans, they are now talking about privatizing Medicare turning it into a voucher so that they can cut it substantially. That's not the reform of an entitlement - it is the gutting of a program."

--Austan Goolsbee, a member of Obama's Council of Economic Advisors. Read here.

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