Thursday, October 2, 2008

Putin Rears His Head II !

What's up with these silly tv pundits going on about this, "since Palin held her own" tonight it means the debate was a tie? Who came up with that ridiculous narrative? Ah yes of course, I forget, the McCain campaign. So that's the qualifications now for the executive branch--just "hold your own?" Are these guys for real? Is she running for VP or the manager at a local Baskin Robbins?

Now because Palin didn't beging mumbling incoherently, this means all her old gaffes now disappear? Because she put on a "folksy" show of winks and quips like "youbetcha!" this suddenly means she has a "command of the facts?" She's supposedly reinvented herself and we just let bygones be bygones--no more jokes allowed?

In what wack ass rule book is that a fact?

No way! Those moose in the headlight moments on her Gibson and Couric interviews will ALWAYS be funny--yesterday, now, tommorrow and forever!

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