Thursday, September 11, 2008

Morpheus Returns- The Fall Season

And I'm back. Brooklyn Carnival- Does the Mind & Body Good

Resting up in Zion was nice, but let's get back to business.

Time for the recap!

* Massive Immigration Arrests in Iowa, Mississippi- Enter Juan Crow * NATO Suspends Contact with Russia * McCain Likes The Draft * Stephanie Tubbs Jones Dies * "Free Gaza" Boats * McCain's 9 Mansions * Katrina Remembered * Obama Picks Biden * 90 Afghan Civilians Die from US Air Strike * Plot to Kill Obama * Russia Recognizes South Ossetia * Obama Nominated * Denver Speech * Hurricane Gustav Evacuation * Who is Sarah Palin? * Crackdown on Protestors at RNC * *Amy Goodman Arrested!?!* Ron Paul Counter Convention * Sami Al-Arian Released * Pitbull in Lipstick * Lipstick on a Pig * Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac Bailout * Haiti Struck Hard by Storms * Sept 11th 7th Anniversary * Zimbabwe Peace *

And now... on with the show.

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