Sunday, June 1, 2008

Right-Wing Shill Gets Surrrved!

While I missed alot of posts in May, this one I most regret...

Someone call Hell and check the temp. Because today I have to give Chris Matthews--he of MSNBC Hardball who usually annoys me to no end with his ceaseless prattling about *nothing*--his just deserved props. As one of my least favorite media pundits, Matthews admittedly became my hero for about *a few minutes* as he completely eviscerates right wing radio talking head Kevin James who in his screaming about Obama, appeasement and Hitler, doesn't even know who Neville Chamberlain is. Keep in mind, this headcase used to be a federal prosecutor!

There's nothing down here! What you looking for? Go back up there and watch that ass-whoopin' again!

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