Thursday, October 11, 2007

Clarence Thomas- The Anti-Black

I was young in my political years when the drama erupted over Clarence Thomas. Back then I was scrambling to figure out what was meant by terms like "high tech lynching" and why anyone would so wantonly abuse a coca cola can. Years later I would see Thomas depicted on the cover of the now defunct Emerge magazine, in one instance wearing an Aunt Jemima "hanker-chief" on his head, and on another refashioned as a modern-day Lawn Jockey. Clarence Thomas was and remains what one writer called "the most despised black man in black America." After years of watching Thomas in action as a Supreme Court Justice, I am no longer remotely confused by the resentment he garners in the black community.

Not only does Thomas seem to find a contrarian view to everything that hints at black progressive thought, but his voting record shows him to be antithetical to *any* form of progressive politics. Sadly, the days of Emerge are gone now (the sham-mockery that destroyed one of the best political black magazines is for another blog), but there are enough independent e-zines that have risen to the challenge in the virtual world. Probably one of the most outspoken is the Black Agenda Report, edited by Glen Ford. Described as the "Journal of African-American Political Thought and Action," the Black Agenda--and Glen Ford in particular--pulls no punches in their analysis. The following is a partial repost of Ford's review of Clarence Thomas' recently released autobiography/political polemic, My Grandfather's Son. Click the link provided to access BAR and the full article.

Clarence Thomas, the 'Anti-Black'

October 10, 2007

By BAR Executive Editor Glen Ford

The most blatant and unashamed African American-hater on the U.S. Supreme Court - and probably on the national scene - is Clarence Thomas, a psychologically damaged ally of the worst sections of the white ruling class. Thomas is often described as a "complicated" personality, but that's just a euphemism for a crazy self-loathing that he projects on the rest of Black America. Dirt-poor Pin Point, Georgia, the peers of his youth who called him "America's Blackest Child," and an overbearing grandfather who wanted more than young Clarence was willing to give, made Thomas useful to no one but Black people's most implacable foes, for whom he has become a deranged pit bull. Viewers of 60 Minutes were permitted to learn none of that, as CBS circled its protective wagons around the Most Despised Black Man in Black America.

Clarence Thomas is a deeply troubled man - a grotesquely twisted, "Down Home"-grown Black personality at war with the demons of his dark-skinned, dirt poor youth. Although Thomas has accumulated many "enemies" - earned and imagined - since his entrance to the white world in the 10th grade in Savannah, Georgia, his core pathology is Black-directed - a trait so obvious it was immediately perceived by a succession of white Republican racists who rocketed him to the U.S. Supreme Court with obscene haste to become a hit-man against his own people.

Thomas is a perverse right-wing joke played on Blacks and, being of above average intelligence despite his mental illness, he knows it. But it is a knowledge he cannot endure, a burden that has made him a pathological liar, who blurts out contradictions so antithetical to each other that they cannot possibly coexist in the same brain without a constant roiling and crashing that puts him at flight from himself and all those who remind him of his now hopelessly entangled torments and tormentors.

If African Americans had our own insane asylum, Thomas would be welcomed in and cared for, with proper compassion for the sorely afflicted. But there are no such facilities available to treat a man who forgives whites for Jim Crow and every other aspect of past and present discrimination - indeed, embraces the most racist among them - but can never forgive Blacks for the way they treated him in Savannah, Georgia and the outlying shanty town of Pin Point.

for full article:

Clarence Thomas- The Anti-Black


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